Big Sean, Mikey and Me


Ruaraidh’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe Sell-Out Show BIG SEAN, MIKEY AND ME had it’s London premier at the Vault Festival Wed 4th – Sun 8th Feb 2015 at the Vaults, Waterloo, London.

‘In Mikey, Murray illuminates the psyche of Scottish youth culture with all the chips on its shoulder. Here is the peer pressure and antisocial behaviour  understood without being judged. MUST SEE!’  Thom Dibdin, The Stage

2016 NEWS! LISTEN UP! Here’s the brand new BIG SEAN, MIKEY AND ME radio version. “HOT SHOW! Richly funny, touchingly sad tale that celebrates the Edinburgh tourist guides omit.” ★★★★ THE SCOTSMAN

2015 NEWS! Big Sean, Mikey and Me was performed live by Ruaraidh on the 18 May 2015 to kick off Soho Radio London’s 1st Birthday party. Listen above…

Join Big Sean Connery, Hibs Boys, sadomasochistic Irish girls, American randoms, London metrosexual weirdos and wee radge Edinburgh wide-os on this dark comedy journey with a heart.

Big Sean, Mikey and Me is the story of Ruaraidh, his imaginary friend Big Sean Connery and his childhood pal, rough diamond, Mikey and their adventures through the Edinburgh the tourist guides omit.

Ruaraidh performed his one man show Big Sean, Mikey and Me at the Gilded Balloon at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2012. The Gilded Balloon then toured Scotland with Ruaraidh and Big Sean, Mikey and Me this February 2013.

Big Sean, Mikey and Me from Ruaraidh Murray on Vimeo.

Ruaraidh’s childhood friend Mikey Anderson sadly died in September 2009. In 2011 Ruaraidh started to attend Stewart Permutt’s writers group at the Actors Centre, Tower Street, London. Here he started to write Big Sean, Mikey and Me.

Having Sean Connery as his imaginary friend in the show not only provided dark humour and a vehicle to sell the show but was very fitting as he was a childhood hero to both Ruaraidh and Mikey.

“A slice of true Edinburgh class” Irvine Welsh

Ruaraidh progressed to his first private read through performance then his first private test performance both at The Actors Centre. From here he was able to work with the fantastic Paul Robinson, artistic director of Theatre 503. Working with Paul, Ruaraidh was able to develop the script further and then bring the show on to the stage through rehearsals.

At the same time Ruaraidh was offered to perform his one man show at the Gilded Balloon. The up and coming Sophie Watson, Bush Theatre, came on board as co-producer, with Elliot Griggs, Royal Opera House, as lighting designer and Pilippa Herrick, National Theatre, as sound designer. Ruaraidh did his own publicity on the run up to the festival and received great support from Karen Koren, Rowan Campbell, all the Gilded Balloon press girls and Jonathan Russell at Mark Goucher Ltd.

Ruaraidh had his first ever performance of Big Sean, Mikey and Me at the Tristian Bates Theatre, London receiving the four star review ‘Murray’s bravura performance…’ Metro**** before performing everyday 1:30pm till 2:30pm 1-27 Aug at the Gilded Balloon.

This was the first time he’d performed a run of Big Sean, Mikey and Me and the first time he’d performed in his home town during the Festival. He had great success with a sell out run and 5 star/4 star reviews (See Press).

Ruaraidh is currently adapting Big Sean, Mikey and Me into a feature film. Ruaraidh’s screenplay for Big Sean, Mikey and Me was longlisted for BBC Films Screenplay First Award 2016.

Daily Record

All through the writing process of Big Sean, Mikey and Me, Ruaraidh was able to receive invaluable help with his research and development from his childhood pals. It was also important for Ruaraidh to document the recent history of his generation and the Edinburgh he grew up in during the Casuals and gangs scene of the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Mikey Anderson

‘Without glorifying violence or drug culture, Murray succeeds in evoking a way of youth. As young Ruaraidh follows Mikey on his adventures around Edinburgh, the litany of names of the city’s firms – the casual gangs – checklists areas of the city that the fringe doesn’t normally touch.’  Thom Dibdin, The Stage

Mikey, Deek & Rolly
Ruaraidh’s childhood pals Deek, Mikey and Rolly sample some tequila!

The Edinburgh Casuals and gangs. 

The Capital City Service, Hibs Baby Crew, Casual Soccer Firm,  Almond Youth, Blackhall Violence Crew, Gracemount Baby Crew, Hyvots Dressers, Muirhouse Casual Firm, Murryfield Tufty Club,Orchard Football Trendies, Saughton Chosen Few,  Shandanaro, The Elite, Vicky Park Head Hunters, Wester Hails Casual Crew,

Bar-Ox, Granton Young Parkie,Young Broomhouse Team,Young Clerry Jungle,Young Gilmerton Team,Young Inch Cumbie,Young Leith Team,Young Lochend Shamrocks,Young Mental Drylaw,Young Mental Royston,Young Mental Saughton,Young Niddrie Terror,Young Pilton Derry,Young Portie Rebels,Young Southside,Young Stocky,Young Telford Fleet, Young Tollcross Rebels, Edinburgh Young Team.

Orchard Football Trendies

Orchard Football Trendies – 1986


Some of the OFT became part of the Hibs Baby Crew.


Woody(front centre with sunglasses), Mikey(standing behind Woody to the right) and other Hibs Boys after the Hands Off Hibs Rally at Easter Road in 1990.


Hibs in Kilburn on the way to Millwall in 1990.

We Are Some of the Stockbridge Boys Song

This song, which is sung by Ruaraidh during Big Sean, Mikey and Me, dates back to the 1930’s/1940’s. It’s most probably older but by chance when Ruaraidh was in conversation with fellow Stockbridgers Davie Johnstone and his pal John (both in their 80’s) at Tynecastle Park recently they were able to verify the songs longevity. To Ruaraidh’s amazement, they did so by breaking into singing the song which they still knew the words to after all these years!

We are some of the Stockbridge boys
We are some of the boys.
For we know our manners, And how to spend our tanners,
We are respected wherever we go,
As we go marching through Bedford Street,
Doors and windows open wide,
For we can dance, we can sing,
we can do the highland fling,
We are some of the boys.

On the banks of the Dean,
We’re loyal, we’re true,
And when we meet the Leith team,
We’re ready for a do,
So it’s up and no surrender,
So here’s to the cask ale boozers,
And the good old Stockbridge boys.

Going home blind drunk,
Going home blind drunk,
By the light of the silvery moon,
I’m as happy as can be,
With a fat bird on my knee,
Cos we are some of the boys.

Stockbridge Boys with Giggsy & Incey – Malta 1992

Copy of 149981_1565437349493_1642176270_1336408_1727312_n
Stockbridge Primary Football Team 1984

Back Row L to R: Fraz Heeps, Warren Bullock, Mike Skrgatic, Brendan Dougan, OJ Hand, Paul Skrgatic, Ruaraidh Murray, Deek McItyre, Dave Moir, Neil Hermansen, Marcel Borzecki.

Front Row L to R: Craig Snodgrass, Andy Dingwall, Mikey Anderson, Ben Scappaticcio, Scott Clapperton, Nicky Turnock, Ben Abbott, Tom McLean.

Paul Burns Photo
Stockbridge Boys Club back in 1973

This picture was kindly emailed to Ruaraidh from Paul Burns after Paul and his family came to see Big Sean, Mikey and Me during Edfringe 2012.

‘Our team was made up of Clermiston, Pilton, Drylaw and Muirhouse boys. Whilst earlier than your time, so much of your story rang true with myself. I was very quiet and in truth had a completely different upbringing from a lot of the team. A lot of them were Mikey type guys. I still see a few around town and can honestly say that even the hardest and those with the worst reputations were always fantastic with me and I always think of how they looked after me. Some fantastic names, Kevvy Steel, Paddy Dolan, Mikey Fascia( top left with Clerie Jungle sign with hands), Dougie Boxall, Davey Kernan. I am the quiet one in the tracksuit. In my eyes all great guys and a big part of my young life.’

Paul Burns 10.10.2012

Big Sean, Mikey and Me – Soundtrack

Here is the list of recorded songs that feature in the show:

1. Islands in the Stream – Kenny Rodgers and Dolly Parton
2. The James Bond Theme – John Barry & Orchestra
3. A Town Called Malice – The Jam
4. Gillette The Best A Man Can Get – Gillette commercial
5. The Steptoe and Son Theme – Ron Grainer
6. Some Might Say – Oasis
7. Waterfall – The Stone Roses
8. Let’s Get Physical – Olivia Newton John
9. Step On – Happy Mondays
10. Steppin’ Out With My Baby – Fred Astaire
11. Lament For The Lone Piper – Piper Vix
12. Cold Days From The Birdhouse – The Twilight Sad